Pritzker Nanofabrication Facility

The Pritzker Nanofabrication Facility (PNF) is a major new facility for the University of Chicago. It primarily comprises of a 10,000 square foot, class 100/1000 cleanroom in the new Eckhardt Research Center (ERC) on the University of Chicago campus. The facility will be open to all properly trained users, through a recharge arrangement. Equipment presently planned for, and being installed in, the PNF cleanroom includes an advanced electron beam lithography system; an I-line optical stepper; contact aligners capable of handling 150 mm wafers; physical vapor deposition tools including sputtering systems for magnetic and non-magnetic materials, electron beam evaporators, and a thermal evaporator; plasma etching systems configured for both chlorine and fluorine based etching; inspection tools including scanning electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy, and high performance optical microscopy; profilometry, ellipsometry, and thin film interferometry; a probe station; a 150 mm capable dicing saw; and a number of other tools.

The goal of this facility is to provide highly functioning advanced lithographic processing of both soft and hard materials, accommodating both users interested in processing unusual types, shapes and sizes of substrates as well as more conventional wafer-based processing. All tools are configured to handle 100 mm or 150 mm wafers as well as pieces. Staff will be available to help train users as well as to help develop specific processes.

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